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Batch Palette Applier (BPA) is a tool created to help people working on sprites saved in unique images. It is a small applet written in Java, running through the console, that takes an image and applies a change of colour to every image in a folder.
Repalettes lots of images in very litte time and with a fraction of the effort!

Usage Instructions:
You need to have a folder full of images in a compatible format (png, bmp, gif, jpg) and an image of size 2*n (2 pixel wide, however many colours you wish to change high). The left column are the colours that each image is compared to and if any colour is found to be in the left column, it is replaced with the colour right of it.

  1. Enter the file path of the palette file. It is then loaded in.
  2. Enter the file path of the folder in which the images you want to change the palette of are.
  3. Enter the file format extension your the images are in. If the images are saved in multiple formats, you will need to run BPA mutiple times, as it only "sees" files of the extension you enter.
  4. Watch the magic happen.
  5. Your recoloured images will be found in the folder this tool is saved in, in the subfolder "output", all with their original names and extensions.

To show how the tool works, a set of sprites and an example palette (but not the result) are included in the download. Follow the steps above to see this tool in action.


  • IOException: This usually means the palette file or images folder cannot be found. Either there is an issue with the image/folder itself or its name/path was written incorrectly according to your OS.
  • NoClassDefFoundError: That would be on me, as I use certain things not bundled with Java, so they are part of the JAR file supplied. If this occurs, do message me immediately, I will reissue a fixed version of the tool immediately, though it should work at the time of writing this.
  • BPA doesn't respond: Either the palette image is very large or your image folder contains large or a large amount of images. There are two possible outcomes, either it finishes or...
  • StackOverflowException: Java (which this tool runs on) is out of memory. Either there were too many lines in the palette file or too many images in the folder. Try splitting the folder into mutiple containing less images or removing colours that should not be replaced from the palette file.

"Dyle The Crocodile" is owned by Electro Block.
The sprites were made by PVic, Dashboy, FChar and MrBitzin and kindly supplied by PVic.


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