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Sidescroller Tile Set Maker (STSM) is a tool created to lend a hand to people working on 2D side-scrolling games by creating slopes, complete with shadows, and putting them on tiles. It is an applet with its own GUI that takes 3 images and 2 user-chosen values and makes a whole set of tiles on its own. The most annoying part of stage-asset building is finally over!

Usage Instructions: You need to have 2 images: One image represents the tile pattern and the other the top of the tile, which will be used to make slopes with. The tile pattern must be made of 6 square parts in a 3*2 arrangement. They will be used as such:

Left edgeRepeating patternRight edge
Bottom-left cornerBottom edgeBottom-right corner

The "top" image however must only be made of 3 equally wide parts, height is irrelevant. It will be used as such:

Left edgeRepeating patternRight edge

Together with the top, 2 positive whole number values are needed for the tool to function correctly: grass height and shadow depth. Grass height is a value needed to move the slopes up, should they not begin where the collision begins, should the collision begin with the top, set this value 0. Below it is marked green and has a value of 4.
Shadow depth is a value needed to know how deep the shadow goes and how much of the background tile pattern is to be recoloured, it too can be 0 if there is not to be a drop shadow. Below it is marked hot pink and has a value of 16.
Finally, an image of size 2*n (2 pixel wide, however many colours you wish to change high) is needed. This is for the tool to know what colours to use when applying shadow and works exactly the same as in one of my earlier tools. Even with shadow depth 0, a palette image needs to be provided.

  1. Open the tool. A new window will open.
  2. Click on any of the 4 input buttons, a new window allowing you to select an input image, will open.
  3. Enter a background colour. This colour is ignored in the input images when creating the shadows.
  4. (Optional) enter a custom shape for the tool to use. The shape must be drawn in black and can be any height and width.
  5. Select the values for the shadow depth and grass height using the two number fields. 
  6. Click the "Convert" button and the tool will automatically deform and apply the top to the tile pattern.
  7. Then, using the "Save Output" button, the resulting image file can be saved anywhere under any name.

Provided with the tool are 2 sets of tiles, along with tops and palette sheets, that you can use to try it out with. The values for grass height and shadow depth are the following:

Grey Hill ZoneFactory
grass height40
shadow depth164


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SonicTileSetMakerV2.0.zip 2 MB

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Woah, this is ridiculously underrated! it took me a few minutes to figure it out, but once you do, this is an incredibly useful tool to jumpstart tileset creation! I'm actually working on the level chunks for a little fangame called Sonic CD 2, and this has helped a ton! :D Here's the tileset btw :P


Thank you. If you think there's something to add that would make using this better, go ahead and tell me.
That tile set looks great so far looking forward to what you make of it!

the only thing I'd add is an extra version of the first two tiles on the bottom row, where it doesn't use the "bottom" tiles, so that tilesets can still have a bottom tile without having tall walls have the bottom tile keep popping up. but other than that, it's a great tool, thank you so much for making this! :D